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 Full Integration Of Lottocratic Government In Komarin

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Full Integration Of Lottocratic Government In Komarin Empty
PostSubject: Full Integration Of Lottocratic Government In Komarin   Full Integration Of Lottocratic Government In Komarin EmptySun Jun 21, 2015 9:00 pm

Several weeks ago, the Komarinian House Of Delegates and President Connor Sergovski started a new government experiment with a form of democracy that had not been used before. Lottocracy, as it's called, is a type of government that is randomly selected through careful computer generation.

Upon initial experimentation, the system was inadequate in choosing a representative for the HoD. In response, a modified system was invented to "get rid" of the errors found in the original test. This means that candidates running for a chair in the HoD or President or any other government office will go through a standard election, the leading electees will be placed into the Lotto Computer which will decide a winner. However, it was because the last process being too randomized that even the Lotto Computer was changed to take account of past government accomplishes, community aid, etc. The computer is engineered not to be biased to one party, race or religious affiliation but is biased on popular opinion which may make the final process seem rigged but not if much of the popular opinion even votes.
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Full Integration Of Lottocratic Government In Komarin
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